iDroid Forum openiboot problem.,2233.msg19554.html#msg19554 But when I'm on bootlace, Everything works fine. Then I try to install OpeniBoot.
It says 'Installing'
Then a couple seconds later, It says ''Could not retrive firmware from App...]]>;topic=2233.0 Sat, 01 Oct 2021 03:31:53 GMT,2233.msg19554.html#msg19554
Install Aplication in IDroid,2232.msg19553.html#msg19553
the following happens I was wondering how do I install applications on idroid directly by usb with it on?]]>;topic=2232.0 Fri, 30 Sep 2021 23:18:27 GMT,2232.msg19553.html#msg19553
Re: iDroid Project Future Plans - Where we go from here,2228.msg19552.html#msg19552;topic=2228.0 Fri, 30 Sep 2021 13:35:09 GMT,2228.msg19552.html#msg19552 Re: iDroid 11.04 Pepparkaka Release Announcement,2058.msg19551.html#msg19551
To my mind, iDroid must be oriented on iPhone 2G or 3G, because, this project will be mostly used by those, who wants Android system, (or something new) but does not have enough...
]]>;topic=2058.0 Fri, 30 Sep 2021 11:13:52 GMT,2058.msg19551.html#msg19551
Question About iPhone 4 Multitouch,2231.msg19550.html#msg19550;topic=2231.0 Thu, 29 Sep 2021 20:39:28 GMT,2231.msg19550.html#msg19550