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Title: [READ ME FIRST] Posting / replying to help topics
Post by: ddominator on May 02, 2011, 01:29:12 AM
Before creating a new topic, please refer to the Wiki first at The FAQ and the User Manual are good references.

Only ask for help if it is not answered in the Wiki or if there is a problem that occurs even if you followed the Wiki. TOPICS THAT ASK FOR HELP THAT CAN BE ANSWERED IN THE WIKI WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING.  Sorry for being RTFM but plenty of users have spent time improving the Wiki to be a comprehensive reference guide.

Also try searching past threads for your problem. Someone may have had the same issues / problems you are having and had it solved. This way you can easily find the solution without having to wait for someone reply to your question.

When creating a topic / asking for help, please make sure it is related to the current section you are posting to. To wit:
Topics that do not follow these guidelines but do not warrant deletion will be moved elsewhere (usually in General Discussion).

When replying to a topic in this forum you're required to stick on topic, this means you do not start commenting on a unrelated problem. If you have a problem that doesn't match the discussed topic please post a new topic with a help request and try to provide as much info as possible about the problem.

When you have solved your issue (either by yourself or other members' help) please post which solution worked for you, and put the tag [SOLVED] in your Subject of the topic.