Author Topic: Lockscreen for more then 5 minutes on Android locks up phone...  (Read 667 times)

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well so heres the deal i can boot up idroid just fine and i play with android a little and its cool.. so now i go to lock it to play xbox and every times its locked for more then a few minutes, i try to unlock it and screen is black... it will not show any sign of life unless i hold home and sleep for about 10-15 seconds.. then i hold power to see the familiar openiboot screen.. so i guess android just crashes the whole iphone... and its not in recovery or anything because tinyumbrella wont detect it... is anyone else having this problem? if not i could make a video to show... im on latest peprika release...
it is also very difficult to hard reset because my power button works 10% of the time and my finger has an indent from tryin to push it so much...
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Re: Lockscreen for more then 5 minutes on Android locks up phone...
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If your Power button is not working properly, better not use iDroid.

From what you are saying, it looks like something in Android hangs while it's on sleep mode.  Also it's not advisable to use iDroid for prolonged periods of time because it will get extremely hot and may damage your hardware.  Wait for proper power management support in the future (we also don't know when that is) before leaving iDroid unattended while playing Xbox.
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