Author Topic: New, but maybe with good info?  (Read 1092 times)

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New, but maybe with good info?
« on: August 25, 2011, 08:49:31 PM »
Hi all, I'm new, and have been wondering about Fedora on my iPad.. As far as I've found, the problem forming is the chip architecture for the iPad?
Maybe this is helpful, WikiPedia ftw, and such..

For the developers: for the A4 chip
For the developers: for the structure it has been built upon.

Can someone make sure this has been checked and verified, as I can't seem to find anything on the actual hardware itself.. Apple's being tough about it.
Maybe it's a help, I'm not a developer, but I do like to sniff around and dump (possibly) helpful info here and there.
I would love to see my iPad run Fedora15 or Fedora 14 for regular use when there's no power available for my notebook.

Thanks, and hopefully I helped at least SOMEONE on this one. Good luck on the project, I'll keep looking for updates! :-)