Author Topic: Porting 3GS openiboot question  (Read 3273 times)


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Porting 3GS openiboot question
« on: June 18, 2010, 07:22:57 PM »
Would there be a problem with iDroid since there are two versions of the 3GS, the early model that had the original untethered boot, and the latest model of the 3GS -the one that can only use Spirit-

Will this hamper the development of Openiboot since there are two different types? Or will that not be a problem once we have a jailbreak that frees the phone at the iBoot level?

And if I've made any mistakes, please correct me. Like one question I have: Is the iBoot the same in both devices, and is it just updated in the late 3GS models? Or was I right in my assumption and it's a newer iBoot?

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Re: Porting 3GS openiboot question
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2010, 08:41:04 PM »
Basically, the bootrom is identical to the launch version of iBoot on that device. Except unwritable. So if an exploit is discovered in that version of iBoot, you can probably assume that same exploit is available in the bootrom, if an exploit is found that applies to the newer 3GS, then most likely the same exploit can be used on the older 3GS as well, this is the best scenario because it allows developers to use the one injection vector. If no exploit is found in the new 3GS bootrom or LLB we will have to stick to iBoot exploits in newer versions (patched when Apple releases a new firmware version).
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