Author Topic: iDroid 11.01 Pepparkaka - Release Announcement (Gingerbread preview release)  (Read 37560 times)

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Hi. i em a new user here but have bin reading up on the progress on the iPhone 4 and 3GS as i myself own a 3GS. i have a 3G upstairs but refuse to go thru the pain and suffering of unlocking it for my local (cheaper) carrier (iWireless) plus it needs some hardwre fixes (screen, ect) but i saw this update and i would like to say that is nice to hear they r still doing work on 4 and 3GS. as i had heard u guys call it quits beacuse of all the individual signitures within the 3GS and 4 system. hopfuly u guys can have the idroid, openiboot, and bootlace poted within the next month. OR SO ROUMER HAS IT THEY WILL BE.


No idea where you hear these rumors but no one has called it quits.  And there is no definite date on when OpeniBoot will be ported to i4 or 3Gs.  So whoever is spreading that rumor has got their information wrong.  It will be ported when it will be done.  It could next week, next month, 2 months, 3 months, 1 year, etc.  No one knows the answer to that sadly.
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Thank you for setting things strait on that good sir. I will be sure to correct eny misinformation I hear. I wi also be sure to stay here for updates a's I em a fan of all the programers working on this project. It is quite the project uv got going. :D I'll stablished for more I formation.


Oh and another thanks for replying as alot of people directly linked to there projects like this DON'T. <3