This is the centralised development issue tracker/project management system for the iDroid Project's port of Android to the Apple iDevices.

To follow this shortly will be gitweb and gerrit, but for now the source is being managed on github and just synchronised into the issue tracker.

For more information on the iDroid Project, please see the iDroid Project Wiki http://www.idroidproject.org

Useful Links/Resources

You can also find most of the active devs/useful people lurking on irc.osx86.hu in the following channels:
  • #iphonelinux
  • #iphonelinux-dev
  • #idroid-dev

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Latest projects

  • Superuser (08/13/2010 03:00 pm)

    The iDroid-Project fork of superuser

  • ADWLauncher (08/13/2010 02:59 pm)

    The iDroid-Project fork of ADWLauncher

  • Bootlace (08/06/2022 07:56 am)

    openiBoot configuration utility and iDroid Auto-Installer

  • iX (07/29/2010 08:18 am)

    A GNU/Linux Distribution for the Apple iPhone, based off Ubuntu Karmic and X11

  • iDroid iPT (07/21/2010 03:15 pm)

    iPod Touch Specific iDroid