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iDroid Development / Re: Can I help by supplying drivers?
« on: December 22, 2010, 03:26:14 PM »
Have a chat with us in #idroid-dev on

Dear iDroid Forum,
I'm very new at this area. I wont to install some application like blender or gimp on iPhone. Google search doesn't match my question :-(
Is it possible with iDroid?
Do I have to take an other way?
TIA rombowich

You do realise what you are asking right? machines with 3 times the spec of the iPhone 3G struggle to render stuff in blender, and tbh I dont think GIMP would be particularly usable in 320 x 240 either

Bootlace / Re: Bootlace compatibility issue
« on: December 21, 2010, 08:31:00 AM »
Locking this, because it is getting stupidly long - if you are experiencing issues, post a new thread

Release Announcements / Re: iDroid MoJo 1.0.5 Release Announcement
« on: December 21, 2010, 08:11:49 AM »
This is a known bug with the wm8991 driver, I tried to fix it, but the registers that wolfson had in the driver are wrong, so I need to do some more work on it :)

iPhone 3G / Re: Network 3G with vodafone
« on: December 20, 2010, 12:26:07 PM »

thats stupid...

Well if you'd like to write a driver for the camera, then it would work....

That looks like corrupted images to me, try reinstalling iDroid

Would it be possible for you to take a picture of where it has stopped?

General discussion / Re: Mount iDroid on Linux
« on: December 18, 2010, 09:33:52 PM »
You can use adb to read and write the filesystems whilst running iDroid

Release Announcements / Re: iDroid MoJo 1.0.5 Release Announcement
« on: December 18, 2010, 09:04:18 PM »
EDIT: synced

Release Announcements / iDroid MoJo 1.0.5 Release Announcement
« on: December 16, 2010, 08:31:06 PM »
On behalf of the iDroid dev team, I am proud to announce the immediate availability of iDroid MoJo v1.0.5

This release is for iPhone 2G,  iPhone 3G & iPod Touch 1G and is available via bootlace or as a binary package.



What is this?
This is the iDroid Project's fifth minor release of Android Froyo for iDevices, built from the community source code repos at

There have been a large amount of changes across all of our repositories, some of the more key ones are summarised here, but I would suggest checking our Github organisation for a full changes list.

  • Software button emulation (Send, Home & Back) - Pull down the notification bar and you'll see them
  • Added 06.15.00 baseband ultrasn0w unlock
  • Adhoc patch applied to wpa_supplicant
  • Seperated iPhone and iPod build configurations
  • Heavily dieted iPod touch 1G builds (A large amount of telephony based apps removed from builds - dialer is left in because androids MID target is broken and until we fix it, removing dialer causes stability problems - big thanks go to rekoil for sending me an ipt1g so that I can work on it)
  • Initial refactoring/tidy up of radio interface libraries
  • DNS Fix merged back into main init.rc
  • SD Emulation property set merged back into main init.rc
  • Minor bugfixes to ADWLauncher
  • Added busybox and symlinked common commands
  • Added bourne again shell (Bash)
  • Switched from Gallery3D to Gallery (Gallery3D is useless without hardware acceleration, and this one works!)
  • Switched default shell in terminal emulator to Bash

  • Implemented wm8991_set_bias_level that Wolfson didnt (iPhone 3G audio codec)
  • Fixed a missing include in composite.c
  • Restored volume button functionality (Now that we have software buttons)

  • No new openiBoot release is shipped with this version (The same version as the previous release is included), nothing has changed in the stable branch since the last release (A lot of heavy refactoring has been completed and a lot of openiboot re-written in preparation for the next release and support for newer devices but it is not ready for GA yet)

openiboot tools
  • NOTE - We used to bundle openiboot tools in with our releases up until now, due to the size of the tools now that we have windows versions and OSX versions we have decided to remove them from the release packages - you can get them (Installers are available too) at

Known Issues
  • Loopback devices are presently not cleanly unmounted (as has been the case since day 1), as a result an integrity check is forced at startup slowing down boot time a little.
  • Power Management - A large amount of progress has been made on power management in recent releases, but as yet not all device drivers have suspend/resume in them & we are still lacking CPU idle/clock gating so there is still a lot of work to be done before we achieve optimum battery life.

SIM Pin Support
Sim pin support is implemented in this release for all basebands, there is however at this point one caveat for some iPhone 3G basebands and those of you with an iPhone 2G - 3G ultrasn0w compatible baseband versions are not affected by this issue, only applicable to basebands that rely on a wildcard unlock and those that are pre ultrasn0w.

Wildcard unlock/iPhone 2G users will be able to enter their pin successfully and the baseband will unlock at the ril level, however android itself never actually sees this happen, therefore you have to go into Settings and enable airplane mode, then disable it again to get android to see that the baseband is unlocked - this will be fixed in a later release once the baseband communications layer has been rewritten - we figured that some sim pin support was better than none at all for the moment.

Hardware button mapping
We have restored volume button functionality in this release, we have not yet approached the configuration you voted for in the button config poll - there are some technical challenges preventing it and it has also sparked a large amount of debate amongst the development team, therefore for the moment the button configuration is as follows:

Software buttons: send, home, end
Hardware buttons:
  • Hold/lock - back
  • Home - menu
  • Volume up - volume up (Not applicable to ipt builds)
  • Volume down - volume down (Not applicable to ipt builds)

We will discuss this more and address the problems at a later date.

FAQ/User guide
ddominator has gone to great lengths to provide FAQ's and general usage information for iDroid, before posting please take a moment to read these, as a lot of common questions are already answered.

User Manual -

Reporting Issues/Requesting Features
Please remember, this is alpha quality software - there is still a lot to be done.

We have a development tracker system set up to take bug reports and feature requests which you can find at: - please take the time to report any issues you find there.

Please take the time to file a proper bug report, 'iDroid is slow' is not constructive, and is a waste of developers time to answer, please if you wish to raise an issue be as specific as you can, this will greatly increase the chances of your issue being resolved and reduces the workload of the developers drastically.

Getting Help
You can get help by posting in the relevant board on the forum, you can also find the developers and other users in #iphonelinux and #idroid-dev on

Source Code/Contributing
Our source code is hosted on github:

If you are a developer with Kernel experience, C, Java, C++ or ARM assembler skills and would like to help, feel free to speak to us on IRC in #idroid-dev, we'd be happy to help you get started.

Please honour the licences of the respective code and our Open Source ethos by sharing any changes/improvements you make to it.


You can update to this release directly from Bootlace -

For manual installers releases for all platforms are available for download now at:

A full list of contributers and team members is available at:

iPhone 3G / Re: sdcard not recognized
« on: December 16, 2010, 02:12:10 PM »
Using anything from iPhodroid completely invalidates any support you will get here, this has been discussed numerous times, but basically it boils down to the fact that we dont know what sergio does in his images, nor do we know if any of our fixes ever made it into his releases, therefore I suggest that you either install our official images, or go to sergio for help.

iPhone 4 / Re: What can I do to get Idroid on Iphone 4 asap?
« on: December 14, 2010, 07:21:24 PM »
So I'm looking at the donations.
You guys need 100 bucks for an apple tv?
250 for an ipod?

In my hacking experience, devs generally supply their own equipment. It don't think it's too much to ask for whoever is working on the apple tv to pony up 100 bucks. I one easily recoup that if i sold my video card or something like that dealt with one a little less powerful.

I'm not sure I quite understand your logic here, someone has asked for a port to a device none of the developers own, and you expect one of the developers to buy one to fulfill this request?

Ultimately, people hack what they own, this tends not to include purchasing additional hardware unless it is peripherals for the device they already own or something they are already actively interested in purchasing.

You overlook the fact that the project already costs us money (For example, I pay for a dedicated server and associated bandwidth just to host the downloads), some of us have already purchased additional devices in order to speed up ports (rekoil for example sent myself a first gen iPod touch so that I can work on the port for that), some developers partly subsidise costs for code signing certificates etc etc - I could go on all day with this one, but ultimately this is not the point.

I apologise if my response seems unfair, but I dont think its unreasonable for us to offer the ability to donate money towards particular devices if people want ports to them and we dont own them, its not like we force the issue, we make do with what we have and the page is there if people WANT to donate to us, you'll notice that the donations page is not even linked in from the home page on the wiki.

 I dont see that it is our job to purchase every device whether or not we actually want to own it just so that there is the option of a port, ultimately people will buy and hack what they want to.

iPhone 2G / Re: Iphone 2g on At&t no service
« on: December 14, 2010, 08:29:36 AM »
Well use any redsn0w but when you are going to browse for the ipsw, you have to point it to the 3.1.2 ipsw (i have no idea why the iphone dev team didn't fix this but who cares).

I had to unlock it using the tools in redsnow so find your bootloader roms with you (no links from here because that's illegal, google is your friend).

Don't worry the iPhone will still be in 3.1.3 according to iTunes and yes 3.1.3 apps from App Store work (proof that its not on 3.1.2).

3.1.3 is almost completely identical to 3.1.2 bar some stupid fixes, the kernel etc are exactly the same, so there was no need to re-release redsn0w for it ;)

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