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Release Announcements / Re: iDroid MoJo 1.0.5 Release Announcement
« on: December 27, 2010, 07:09:03 PM »
I noticed another little bug with Wifi that might help some people: I have to "Forget" and reconnect to my wifi network after the first try. For some reason, iDroid won't reconnect to a network that I have saved, it gets stuck in the scanning step. That, combined with usually one or two wifi resets when the driver bugs out, and I'm able to hold a wifi connection consistently.

Release Announcements / Re: iDroid MoJo 1.0.5 Release Announcement
« on: December 21, 2010, 05:52:24 AM »
Well, this is unusual. iDroid has been working fine for a while, but something's quite clearly amiss. I'm sure the authorities should be notified.

It was all working so well until I decided to let it idle, and browse some forum not giving it attention. That's when I heard it. A little, tiny gnome, beating on my iPhone's speaker with a tiny hammer! I'm just not sure what to do, I mean, clearly he wants out. He makes a fuss every few minutes or so, and won't let me work in peace. Shouldn't the iDroid developers be more considerate of which mythical creatures it employs to drive its devices?

(on the plus side, Swype Beta works great, they just released a new one.)

Release Announcements / Re: iDroid MoJo 1.0.5 Release Announcement
« on: December 19, 2010, 10:22:34 PM »
Wow. Just set up Gmail as an exchange server, and suddenly Email, Contacts, and Calendar. That's new. I remember not getting that to work in

And among all of this? The phone actually gained around 5% on the charger. It charges! Woo! I don't know what you did to make it work, but it charges! It used to slowly drain on the charger.

It still gets really hot, but whatever, woot progress!

The Gallery works like a charm. The software buttons are functional, but I'm not crazy about them-- it's difficult to consistently pull down the notification area because of my case, I keep missing and touching right underneath it. (That's not your fault, it's mine for having the silly case.) I tried installing a live wallpaper with no luck, it installs but doesn't show up. Not surprised, I don't think they were working before.

Wonderful progress nonetheless. I'd test out the ad-hoc support, but naturally, I just bought a wireless router last week, mostly to get Android to work properly, so it's not needed. Ahh Murphy, how your influence does permeate throughout all aspects of development.


Release Announcements / Re: iDroid MoJo Release Announcement
« on: December 19, 2010, 04:39:35 AM »
SDcard emulation is a dirty hack right now, and such things are common. In a lot of cases, I find that although apps will warn you that the SD card isn't inserted, they will "just work" anyway with the hack, but that's not always true.

For ringtones, first do the whole "Media Scanner" from dev tools. Then go into the music app, select a song, hit the "Menu" button (home on the iPhone) and use the option to make it your ringtone. That's what's working for me at least.

Release Announcements / Re: iDroid MoJo 1.0.5 Release Announcement
« on: December 19, 2010, 04:24:44 AM »
Chiming in on this one. When it was first posted I went and tried to update and it was working grand, but I [Home] canceled it because my battery was dying. Now, several hours later, it says it can't check for updates.

Release Announcements / Re: iDroid MoJo Release Announcement
« on: December 13, 2010, 05:40:02 PM »
I'll add to this discussion by pointing out that getting Android itself working on the newer devices has very little to do with simply "having the source code". Once the team had 1.6 working on the 2G/3G for example, they were able to very quickly use that work and get other versions of Android running as well. That's not the real issue here.

Android runs on a stripped down version of the linux kernel. Now, linux itself is extremely versatile, and will happily compile and run on as simple or as complex an environment as you can find. It basically only needs a CPU and memory to operate. Android, however, expects its linux kernel to be running on a very specific set of hardware, with published specifications. It expects to see certain devices with certain signatures and it expects to be able to interface with those devices in a very specific way. A lot of this is based on existing linux standards, but a great bit of it is complicated both by unusual Android specifications, and also by the non-standard hardware used in the iPhone.

The dev team here, in order to magically make even 1.6 work on newer devices, needs a few things. First, they need the ability to boot linux, which requires root access to the 3GS/i4, which was only recently obtained. Then, they need to figure out the hardware, which changed substantially since the version of the hardware they have working. That requires very challenging and difficult techniques, complicated by the relative lack of documentation. So, a lot of the developer's actual progress is going to result from "hacks," "workarounds," and "fixes" because they're sort of shooting in the dark as it is.

The first priority for every single device (and the project as a whole) is to emulate enough of the devices that Android expects to see, and that comes by writing device drivers that wrap the iPhone's hardware and expose it as the right kind of device. I believe linux itself does a lot of the legwork of communicating the devices to Android's processes, which helps, but there are still gotchas that crop up from time to time. This includes things like the camera and bluetooth, these are hardware devices that are not yet fully understood. Someone has to reverse engineer what iOS is doing to those devices, figure out the protocol, and write (and test!) a device driver before Android can use it, and this is not a simple task. Sometimes that's helped when we discover that the chipset is already used / already has drivers written that we can get to, but this is not always the case. (Think about the multitouch firmware that has to be ripped for example, because the chip that controls that device needs to have firmware uploaded to it before it can be run.)

I guess my point in all of this is to say that the developers are performing incredibly impressive and complex tasks and it doesn't benefit anyone to complain about their methodology. No one is paying them, they are getting no personal benefit out of this project other than being happy that it is done, and a little bit of internet fame in the process. I think it makes much more sense for the developers to work on the things they find most fun to work on, because that's why they're here, that's why the project even exists, and more of us need to realize that.

Sorry for the long rant.

Um, Merry/Happy Christmas?


iPhone 3G / Android Corruption, Possible Fixes?
« on: December 09, 2010, 07:25:16 AM »
Inevitably it happens. On the 3rd or 4th APK I try to run today, something doesn't like someone deep in the kernel, they have a fight over it, one process divorces another, and the phone hangs. Waiting doesn't fix it, they've moved out of the country and aren't coming back, and none of the buttons on the phone seem to respond. I'm forced to hard-reset.

Now, there's two possible outcomes here. On the one hand, it could boot, do a quick filesystem check and work just fine on its merry way. That happens about 10% of the time. The rest of the time it boots, complains about 5-7 different processes quitting unexpectedly, and the only way to fix iDroid at that point that I've been able to find is to reinstall it using Bootlace. That's nice, but it undoes all of my work and I have to go reinstall all my apps and reconfigure everything and it's a general pain.

Is there any hope? Is it possible to recover from a hard-reset without doing a full reinstall, or is there some known issue that prevents this from being a fixable problem? What steps might I go through to un-corrupt my poor device in case of these internal conflicts? (part of this is me figuring out what works and what doesn't, I'll be able to avoid the lockups alltogether eventually.) This usually happens when I'm using a new .apk that I'm trying out, or (in today's case) when accessing stuff on the phone that doesn't work yet, like the Gallery.


General discussion / Re: SD Card not present
« on: December 02, 2010, 08:23:54 PM »
I was able to fix this just by running the Media Scanner, which made my MP3 files show up in the music app letting me play them. But, I seem to recall being able to play them directly from the file manager. If it's actually attempting to play the file, are you sure your volume is up? Is the seek bar moving? It may be something unrelated causing the lack of audio.

General discussion / Re: Android Market Alternatives
« on: December 02, 2010, 01:57:47 AM »
I got AndroidPit to work (4th from the top) without issues. Well, the first app I downloaded and installed had issues (youtube, beta app, buggy as all heck) but it did play videos, and the app market thing itself worked like a charm.

The first one I tried (appslib) failed with a device restriction, and I imagine that'll be true for a lot of these markets, especially the ones that are drop-in replacements for google's own market (rather than being their own thing entirely).

I'll go ahead and test some of the others while I'm at it. I'm running Mojo, more and more excitedly as time goes by.

Release Announcements / Re: iDroid MoJo Release Announcement
« on: December 02, 2010, 12:38:42 AM »
I had the same problem with adb tool, my workaround was to configure manually "IP settings" (IP address, Gateway, DNS, etc) for my WiFI network.
Where do i go to edit the "IP Settings" ?

To edit IP/DNS settings on Android, go to Settings -> Wifi Settings, then press the Android Menu [iPhone Home] button and click on Advanced. You need to use a static IP in order to set DNS settings, make sure it's in the right range and all, not going into that here.

EDIT: Aww bugger, the multitouch driver seems to have crashed. One hard-reset, coming up. I can't test it now, I'm in class, but I suspect it still doesn't like headphones very much.

There's an unfixed bug that while booting with the headphones, iDroid will crash... Sorry

Actually, I'm aware of this bug, and this seems to be unrelated. I'm not yet sure how I triggered the firmware crash, but android was already booted / playing music when it happened. The process went sort of like this:

Install Android via Bootlace
Boot into Android (with headphones out)
"OMG Android! It's freaking awesomer! *looks at clock* holy crap I have class!"
Quick Media Scan
*Plug in Headphones*
Start music playing
Freak out because damn, that's really loud
Go into Settings, decrease volume
Lock phone, apply pocket, walk to class (I live on campus)
Get to class, remove phone, remove headphones
"Well crap, it's still playing"
Attempt to unlock phone via touchscreen
Kill phone because touchscreen isn't responding
Edit post on iDroidProject forums

That's the abridged version at least. I'm trying to narrow down what went wrong between the lock and the crash, which I'm testing right now.

Anyway, wifi confirmed working, but I'm chiming in on the DNS bug, Android doesn't seem to be getting DNS from the DHCP correctly. I set it to static IP and manually entered DNS servers (I'm using the google public ones at and and it works beautifully.


EDIT: More aww... It doesn't charge when plugged in and connected to Wifi. That appears to be too much of a battery drain for it to charge properly. Sadness. (it does drain very slowly in this case.)

Release Announcements / Re: iDroid MoJo Release Announcement
« on: December 01, 2010, 07:16:50 PM »
Well I'll be damned. It actually charges when plugged into my computer now, even when it's playing music. That's downright exciting!

I'm in a 3G, install went perfectly, I'm still playing around with it. I can't say anything for wifi, but it's definitely smoother and more responsive than the previous version was. Great job so far. ^_^


EDIT: Aww bugger, the multitouch driver seems to have crashed. One hard-reset, coming up. I can't test it now, I'm in class, but I suspect it still doesn't like headphones very much.

The version of OpeniBoot on the homepage still lists 0.1.2. I want to change it, but I don't have wiki editing permissions. I understand why, to prevent vandalism of the site, but it should probably be updated by someone with those permissions.

It *is* possible to install openiboot 0.1.3 without bootlace at this point, right?

Out of curiosity, what's the 'unforseen legal issue' with the iPod touch 1G? (I've got a 3G phone, I'm not affected, I just want to know.)

iPhone 3G / Re: iDroid not booting? [Unsolved Mystery]
« on: November 03, 2010, 07:12:42 AM »
When I had my headphones plugged in, I got these exact same symptoms... but, that's probably not it.

OpeniBoot / Re: Installing Multitouch firmware to OpeniBoot
« on: November 02, 2010, 05:59:55 AM »
I get:
Code: [Select]
**ABORTED** Image of size 57600 at ef380 would overflow NOR!
What is the range of 'safe' addresses I can upload things to? Or, is 0x09000000 in RAM, and being copied to the NOR? Is there some way to clear space out of the NOR in that case? (I don't have any weird boot mods that I know of, but there might be stuff lingering around, it's been jailbroken more than once by various tools.)


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