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The I/O Registry is a dynamic database that describes a collection of “live” objects (nubs or drivers) and tracks the provider-client relationships between them. When hardware is added or removed from the system, the Registry is immediately updated to reflect the new configuration of devices. A dynamic part of the I/O Kit, the Registry is not stored on disk or archived between boots. Instead, it is built at each system boot and resides in memory.

The I/O Registry is made accessible from user space by APIs in the I/O Kit framework. These APIs include powerful search mechanisms that allow you to search the Registry for an object with particular characteristics. You can also view the current state of the Registry on your computer using applications provided with the developer version of Mac OS X.

This chapter describes the I/O Registry architecture and the planes the Registry uses to represent relationships between objects. It also provides an overview of device matching and introduces applications that allow you to browse the Registry.

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IOReg dumps

iPod Touch 1G

View dump here

iPod Touch 2G

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iPod Touch 3G

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