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Here you will find an overview of the different installation methods and guides available for installing iDroid, an Android distribution using iPhoneLinux. There are a few different options for installing iDroid. We highly recommend that you use of the recommended methods however. You can also install iDroid using one of the unsupported installers.

Before beginning, please take a look out our DISCLAIMER.

Recommended Methods

These methods are known to work and as such will be supported in the forums.

NOTE: If you have previously installed iPhodroid (not supported at the moment), please read the Recovering from iphodroid guide. There may be some problems in installing iDroid that can be remedied by the said guide.

Bootlace Installation

The easiest way currently to install iDroid is using Bootlace.

Manual Installation

These guides explain the manual installation and setup of iDroid. Since Bootlace can install everything for you, the guides below are for archival and educational purposes.

For those who simply want to install OpeniBoot for other supported distributions like iX or PSFreedom, please refer to the Installing OpeniBoot Guide.

Unsupported Methods

Note: We cannot provide support for the installers listed below as some contain modified OpeniBoot/iDroid images or otherwise closed source in a way that we do not know how they function. Please contact the author of the application for support.

iPhone 2G

iPhone 3G

iPod Touch 1G

iDroid Releases

Official releases are known to be the most stable releases available.


DISCLAIMER: You should test your iDroid install on your iDevice before using this section as some builds of iDroid include these fixes.



These fixes are already implemented as of release version 1.0 (MoJo) and are no longer needed. If you are still using an old version of iDroid (0.1a or 0.2), then I suggest you upgrade immediately. These are still listed for educational purposes and archiving.


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