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When su is typed into the terminal emulator or adb (over tcpip) you will get "Permission Denied". In order to gain root access to the device in either terminal emulator or adb, follow these instructions:



*Make sure that the USB debugging mode is ON.*

Go to Settings > Applications > Development > USB depugging.

On Windows, download the Android SDK from: Here. Extract the contents of the zip and copy "adb.exe" and "AdbWinApi.dll" to "%SystemRoot%/System 32".

On Linux, perform these commands in terminal:

 cd /home
 tar -vxf android-sdk_r05-linux_86.tgz
 cd android-sdk-linux_86

*Download the modified su file* from here, extract it to an easy to remember location.

Connecting in ADB

On Windows go to command prompt and type:

adb connect

On Linux go to terminal and type:

tools/adb connect

Where is the IP address of your iPhone running iDroid.

Replacing the Files

1. On either command prompt or terminal, type:

./adb push *path to MODIFIED VERSION of su file* /data/local

This will send the su file to the filesystem.

cd tools
if there is a error. adb is inside the tools folder.
  • Modified version of su*(76232 bytes)*

2. Type:

./adb shell

This will dump you to a shell prompt where the majority of command will take place.

3. In the shell prompt, type:

mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system

This will give you write access to the filesystem.

4. Type:

cd /system/xbin
mv su osu
cat /data/local/su > su
chmod 6755 su

This will create a backup of your existing su, replace it with the modified one and set the permissions accordingly.

  • mv su osu rename su to osu*this step is to make a back up of file*If you get a error skip this step*

5. Type:

ls -l *su

The output should look something like this (disregard the modification dates):

ls -l *su
-rwsr-sr-x root     root        76232 2022-04-17 19:29 osu
-rwsr-sr-x root     root        76232 2022-04-27 15:33 su

If you don't get that, you have done something wrong, reread the guide and do it again.

If su file is not 76232 than it is not the modified version.

6. If the previous step worked, simply type:


This will sync the changes, it may take a while.

7. Simply hard reset (home + power buttons for 10+ seconds) the phone and boot back into Android.

Gaining root access

To gain root access, type:


into either Terminal Emulator (in dev tools on the phone) or ADB.

If successful, this should pop up in the output:

su: access granted, courtesy of


  • #iphonelinux channel
  • guide written by alex
  • Personal tools