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Congratulations on successfully installing iDroid on your iDevice. Here are some quick tips on how to operate iDroid.


Getting started with iDroid


Due to lack of buttons on the iPhones and iPod Touch, buttons were remapped for Android purposes.

For iPhones only:

Launching Apps

Open the App Drawer (touch the icon with 16 squares right above the Home button). Scroll around the list of Apps and touch the App you want to open, it's that simple. For creating shortcuts on your Homescreen, read on.

Apps Shortcuts

Opening Settings App

There are 3 ways to open the Settings App.

Configuring ADW Launcher

Due to the lack of Graphics Drivers, the default launcher in Android was excluded because it ran slowly. ADW Launcher was used instead. To configure/customize it, press the Home/Menu button. A choice for ADWSettings will appear as the bottom-right choice. Touch it and have fun customizing the settings to fit your style.

Adding Widgets

There are 2 ways to add widgets to your Homescreen:

Changing the Wallpaper

There are 3 ways to change the Homescreen wallpaper:

NOTE: Due to a bug in ADW Launcher, the change in wallpaper will only be applied when ADW Launcher is restarted or when iDroid reboots. Also Gallery requires Graphics Drivers, which are still being developed. Opening Gallery may crash iDroid.

Turn off LCD / Standby Mode

NOTE: Due to the lack of Power Management Drivers, iDroid is not on true Standby and will not conserve power. The iDroid Dev Team is working on this, but it is difficult so give them time.

Turn on LCD and Unlocking Lockscreen

  1. To bring power to the LCD, press either the Home or the Power button once. Once LCD is powered on, you will be at the Lockscreen just like in iOS.
  2. For those using the default Lockscreen settings (Screen unlock security is set to None), unlock your iDroid by sliding the Green Lock Icon from left to right. You can also unlock by pressing the Home/Menu button.
  3. Unlocking options can be modified to include passwords and unlock patterns. You can try these out by opening the Settings App, touch Location & security, then touch Set up screen lock (Path: Settings > Location & Security > Set up screen lock). Feel free to play around and test with the Screen unlock security settings to fit your personal usage style.

Turn off iDroid

  1. Hold the Home/Menu and Power/Back buttons simultaneously for at least 2 seconds but not more than 8 seconds (or else your device will hard reset). If you have Haptic Feedback enabled, you should feel a short vibration.
  2. The Phone options menu will appear. Touch the bottommost choice (Power off).
  3. A message box will then appear to confirm shutdown. Touch OK to turn off iDroid (Cancel if you changed your mind). Wait for everything to shutdown and the LCD display will clear and turn itself off.

Wireless Connectivity and Settings

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Open the Settings App, touch Wireless & networks, then touch Wi-Fi (Path: Settings > Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi) to turn Wi-Fi on/off. A green checkmark beside this means that Wi-Fi is turned on.

Adding a Wi-Fi Network

  1. Open the Settings App, touch Wireless & networks, then touch Wi-Fi settings (Path: Settings > Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi settings).
  2. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on (should have a green checkmark to its right).
  3. Wi-Fi should have scanned and listed new networks.
  4. Touch the network you want to join and enter the network password if needed.
  5. For networks not listed, touch Add Wi-Fi network and supply the needed details such as the SSID and the network password.

Airplane Mode

There are 2 ways to enable/disable Airplane Mode.


Bluetooth does not work at the moment due to missing drivers. The iDroid Dev Team is working to enable this but this is not a top priority.

Data Connections: EDGE and 3G

Under construction/being worked on by iDroid Dev Team.

Multimedia: Sounds, Music, Videos and Pictures

Changing the Volume

  1. Open the Settings App, touch Sound, then touch Volume (Path: Settings > Sound > Volume).
  2. A popup window will appear allowing you to customize the volume for Ringtone (incoming call volume), Notifications (untick the Use Incoming call volume for notifications to manually set this), Media, and Alarm.
  3. Slide the yellow bars to the right or left to change the volume.

Silent Mode

There are 3 ways to enable/disable Silent Mode.

Playing Audio Files

Other Sound settings

Open the Settings App, then touch Sound (Path: Settings > Sound). There are other settings you can configure like Vibration, Haptic Feedback, and setting Ringtones.

Camera, Video and 3D Gallery

NOTE: The iDroid Dev Team is working to fix these problems.


Please refer to the FAQ section for further information.

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