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When i read this stuff, i had crazy ideas, what about making a OpeniBoot Console Terminal in iDroid (if its possbile) so you can communicate with OpeniBoot Console while you're inside iDroid, that would be awesome, lets say you need to reboot, theres no opinion atm, but OpeniBoot Terminal would help alot. Also, i think for the button part, what about making settings for that, some users want virtual and some wants shortcuts with default iPhone buttons.

- fallensn0w

(Correct me if I'm wrong) I don't think we have as complete set of commands from openiboot as opposed to actually having shell under Android open. Check out Root Access, I think this is what you want. --Adrian 17:06, 26 April 2022 (UTC)

Not very important but since redirects here are we going to move the previous discussions held on talk to this page as well?--Sethhikari 00:28, 28 April 2022 (UTC)

Maybe the ToDo list should be broken down according to priority (i.e. something that is a must for iDroid to be more than an experiment all the way to Wishlist items)? For instance, power management and being able to shut off the phone is a must, Android 2.x is nice to have, and code refactoring is high priority but not a must.